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Application Analysis of LED Light Source in Mine Lighting


Mine lighting source is an important part of the mining machinery industry. Old-fashioned miner's lamps, such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, not only consume large amounts of electricity, but also have short lamp life, small light-emitting area and uneven illumination. Especially the old miner's lamp is often used improperly, which will cause mine gas explosion, which seriously endangers mine safety production. A new generation of light-emitting diodes (Lighting Diode), which is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, harmless, long-lived, low-heat, shock-resistant, and high-purity, has emerged as the times require. It is now widely used in life, such as landscape lights and traffic. Lamps, car lights, etc., will also have broad application prospects in mine lighting.

At present, mine lighting is mainly divided into factory floor lighting and mine downhole lighting. Factory floor lighting is the same as lighting in everyday life. Underground mine lighting can be divided into roadway lighting, working head-on lighting and other working point lighting. The choice of LE light source should be selected according to different environments and usage requirements.

Roadway lighting

Mine roadway lighting is mainly used to provide lighting for transportation or pedestrian access. At present, most of the roadway explosion-proof lamps widely used at home and abroad use ordinary straight tube fluorescent lamps as the light source, which has the disadvantages of large power consumption, short lamp life and difficult maintenance, and the voltage loss is especially obvious if the power supply distance is long. The use of LED light source not only has low energy consumption, saves energy, but also has a long service life, which can effectively reduce the maintenance of roadway lamps. At present, China's mines have begun to promote the use of LED light source roadway explosion-proof lamps, although there are still some problems in the initial stage, but with the advancement of LED light source technology, its application in roadway lighting will become more and more extensive.

Work head-on lighting

Nowadays, the light source commonly used in mining head-on lighting is a small double-tube high-pressure sodium lamp. Although its life span is long, its light color is not very good, which makes the whole working surface dim and easily leads to accidents. In recent years, with the rapid development of lighting sources, it is gradually being applied to mining face lighting. Different from the conventional high-pressure sodium lamp source, it uses low-voltage DC power supply, and the high-efficiency white light diode synthesized by GaN-based power type and yellow phosphor has the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response and high. With the advancement of LED light source technology, the high-power LED light source will soon be widely used in the face-to-face illumination.

Application in miner's lamp

Older miner's lamps are mostly incandescent lamps, which have large power consumption and short lamp life. It is easy to cause gas accidents when the bulbs are removed under the mine. The LED light source lighting technology is used in the miner's lamp. The advantage is obvious. It is the same as the old miner's lamp, and consumes less than 1/3 of the incandescent lamp. It has the characteristics of not being bad, not leaking, not leaking, and has a long service life. Therefore, LED miner's lamp is now widely used, gradually replacing the old miner's lamp. In addition, because the LED light source has shock resistance and impact resistance, the explosion-proof LED light source lamp has also been applied to locomotives such as roadheaders, and has achieved good results, and is gradually replacing the explosion-proof locomotive lamps of non-LED light sources. With the continuous advancement of LED light source technology, its application prospects in mine lighting will be more extensive.

Method for improving output power of LED light source

Luminous efficiency is the most important parameter of the illumination source. The luminous efficiency of the LED is the ratio of the emitted and input electrical energy (in lm/W). To improve the luminous efficiency of the LED, the luminous flux emitted, that is, the LED output power can be increased. For a single LED, the output power is small, and a large power output is often obtained by using a method of ring-arrangement, which causes disadvantages such as excessive volume and difficulty in heat dissipation. In order to obtain an optimal distribution scheme between the output power and the number of LEDs, the following measures can be taken.

1. Improve heat dissipation efficiency

The LED light source is a cold light source, and the single LED heat is very small. However, for the LED dot matrix, due to the large number of LEDs, the arrangement is dense, and the heat generation cannot be ignored. If there is no good heat dissipation control, the LED will not work normally, and the output power will be greatly reduced. . Methods to improve heat dissipation efficiency include high thermal conductivity materials, improved heat dissipation area, and improved heat dissipation [5].

2. Add reflective (umbrella) cover

The LED is small and has strong directivity, but the divergence angle is large, such as a surface-emitting LED, and the horizontal vertical divergence angle is 120°. The method of adding a reflective (umbrella) cover is used to collect stray light such as the backward direction and the edge of the LED as much as possible, thereby reducing the loss of light and maximizing the output power.

3.LED alignment system design

The LED array is a divergent light source. In order to reduce the loss of light, in addition to the addition of a reflective (umbrella) cover, a new type of illumination system LED collimation optical system design can be utilized, which uses a non-imaging optical method to make the luminous flux of the LED array Effective convergence is achieved, converting the luminous flux into a high-intensity converging beam, resulting in a smaller divergence area and increased LED output power.


In recent years, China's LED light source has quickly entered the mainstream lighting system and has gradually been applied in mines. Although there are still some technical problems in the popular application of mine lighting, such as the luminous flux needs to be improved, there is still a certain gap between the light emitted by the LED and the natural light; the consistency and reliability of the product need to be improved; the heat dissipation problem of the high-power LED needs to be further solved. However, LED light source technology will become more mature, and some technical difficulties will be gradually solved. Especially in the context of global energy shortage, the market prospect of combining LED light source and solar energy is very huge. The application prospect of LED light source in the lighting market will be massive, and it will become the dominant light source in the 21st century, contributing its own strength to mine lighting.

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